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“Qira’at Competition Final Round 2022”
Sunday Nov 20, 2022 at 4PM EST | Tawheed Center Farmington Hills

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Finalists from round one must arrive at 4 PM sharp for the final round
  2. There will be only one competition amongst all the round 1 finalists (including Miftaah and the MAC finalists).
  3. Round 1 finalists (boys and girls groups) will compete together for the final top 3 places
  4. Contestants are allowed to recite any surah from the Mus’haf for MAXIMUM 3 minutes
  5. There will be segregation in the hall – the sisters and brothers will be seated separately
  6. Finalists from the boys group will go on the stage and recite in front of the judges and the audience
  7. Finalists from the girls group will sit on the sisters side and recite facing the judges
  8. There WILL be a divider separating Men and Women
  9. The three judges will be Sheikh Ishack Samoura, Qari Ammar Ilyas and Qari Nouman Ilyas.
  10. Please make sure you RSVP with the number of guests

Fundraising Dinner:

  1. Guests please arrive in time for the event at 6PM.
  2. Please make sure you RSVP with number of guests on the link here: Click Here!
  3. The winners of the final round will be announced after the dinner.


  1. The finalists compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the final round.
  2. Top 3 winners will receive:
    • 1st place – Apple iPad
    • 2nd place – Apple Smart Watch
    • 3rd place – Apple AirPods
  3. There will be 4 special prizes for the younger round 1 participants.
  4. All participants from Round 1 are encouraged to RSVP and attend the final round for special prizes

  5. Finalists From Round 1:


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