WASH Program

At Pakistan Children Relief, we're committed to creating a world where every child can thrive, unhindered by the shackles of poor sanitation and unclean water. Our Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Program is more than a mission; it's a promise to ensure the basic right to clean and safe environments.


 Renovating Schools, Nurturing Futures:
Our program focuses on the renovation of government schools, transforming them into havens of learning and health. We provide safe, clean restrooms, turning them into spaces where children can focus on their studies without worrying about basic hygiene.

 Clean Drinking Water Projects:
In tribal areas, access to clean water is often a challenge. We address this vital need by installing hand pumps that provide clean and safe drinking water to communities, transforming lives, one drop at a time.

What we are providing in WASH Program:


Factors that lead to Poor Health

Standing Water

Washing in stagnant water can breed disease

Poor Sanitation

Waste can contaminate nearby water supplies easily

Dirty Water

Some people have no choice but to drink dirty water

Lack of Food

Water helps people grow crops and live healthy lives

Access to Clean Water improves


When students are free from fetching water, they return to school, increasing their chances of a brighter future


Access to clean water leads to food security, less loss of crops and the ability to cook clean food means hunger is reduced


Safe water and clean hand mean healthier bodies. Sickness is reduced, and people can get back to work


Access to clean water break cycle of poverty by allowing to grow and prosper

Your Support: Building Healthier Tomorrows:


Your support isn't just a donation; it's the key to unlocking healthier, brighter futures for children in need. Join us in this endeavor to provide the gift of health, hygiene, and clean water. Together, we're turning the pages on a healthier, more promising future, where every child has the opportunity to thrive.


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