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What does Pakistan Children Relief (PCR) do?

PCR is dedicated to providing education, healthcare, and holistic support services to orphaned and street children in Pakistan.

What are different programs ‘’Pakistan Children Relief’’ is working on?

Pakistan Children Relief is currently working on five programs including Orphan Care program, Education Support Program, Safe Home for Street Children, Wash Program, and Technical Education Pogram.

What does Orphan Care Program do?

This program is designed to provide quality education, shelter, food, clothes, character building and social uplifting. Approximately 1400 vulnerable orphans are supported in 20 different cities across the country through this program.

What is the purpose of Education Support Program?

The Education Support Program is designed to provide children with quality education by establishing basic learning centers in undeserved areas of Pakistan.

What are SafeHome for street children?

SafeHome for street children is the first program of PCR that is providing shelter to street children and providing them with quality education and skills. PCR Safehome is in Karachi where street children are properly cared.

What is Wash program by PCR?

WASH Program is water sanitation and hygiene program working on providing clean water and building restrooms in schools.

What services Technical Education Program provide?

Technical Education Program offers various technical courses for underprivileged children including Graphic Design, E-commerce, Freelancing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Video Editing, Electrician Course and Plumbing.

How does PCR support orphaned and street children?

PCR implements various programs, including establishing learning centers, providing sponsorship, and offering technical education to help children build sustainable livelihoods.

Where does PCR operate?

PCR is US based non profit organization, primarily operates in underserved areas of Pakistan, focusing on regions with high populations of orphaned and street children.

How can I get involved with PCR's mission?

You can support PCR's work by donating, volunteering, or partnering with them to help improve the lives of vulnerable children in Pakistan.

What impact has PCR made since its founding?

PCR has grown into a reputable NGO known for its commitment to improving the lives of orphaned and street children, providing hope and opportunities for a brighter future.

How does PCR ensure transparency and accountability?

PCR maintains transparency by regularly sharing updates on its programs, finances, and impact through reports, newsletters, and social media channels.

Can I sponsor a child through PCR?

Yes, PCR offers sponsorship programs to support the education and well-being of orphaned and street children. You can sponsor a child to provide them with access to education, healthcare, and other essential services.

What long-term goals does PCR have for its programs?

PCR aims to expand its reach, enhance the quality of its programs, and empower more orphaned and street children with the skills and resources they need to thrive independently.

How does PCR ensure the sustainability of its programs?

PCR focuses on building partnerships, developing local capacity, and implementing sustainable interventions to ensure the long-term impact and effectiveness of its programs.


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