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Qiraat Competition

We have been hosting Qiraat Competition to provide a platform for youth to not only showcase their skills in Quranic recitation but also deepen their connection to the Quran.
By expanding to Illinois, Pakistan Children Relief is providing more opportunities for young people to engage with their faith and community.

Donate Your Qurbani

Qurbani 2024

Your gift of meat on Eid-ul-Adha is a way to bring comfort, happiness, and laughter to orphans’ families who often cannot afford meat, new clothes, or even sweets on Eid.
Our team will be distributing Qurbani meat to orphans’ families in the cities of Nuski, Quetta, Loralai, Lakki Marwat, Peshawar, Upper Dir, Upper Chitral, Shangla, and many other cities accross Pakistan.

Orphan Care Program

Lighting the Way for a Brighter Tomorrow

We embrace orphaned children, nurturing their futures with love and dedication. Our core components encompass education, healthcare, nourishment, and character development. Join us in building bright tomorrows for these young souls. Your donation makes a difference.

Education Support Program

Illuminating Minds, Transforming Futures

We empower young minds through formal education in our schools and informal learning at basic learning centers. By providing Experienced teachers, books, stationary, and school bags, we equip them for success. Together, let's support their dreams. Donate to light up their path.

SafeHome for Street Children

A Sanctuary of Love and Hope

We offer a safe haven to street children, ensuring shelter, education, food, and all essential facilities. Help us protect and nurture these vulnerable lives. Your donation provides them with a new beginning.

Technical Education Program

Empowering Futures, One Skill at a Time

Transforming lives with hands-on experience, our vocational training program empowers beneficiaries to provide for their families’ sooner. Your support can turn dreams into reality. Donate to help them acquire the skills they need.

WASH Program

Transforming Lives with Health and Hygiene

We improve schools' health and hygiene standards by renovating government schools, providing clean restrooms, and installing hand pumps for safe drinking water in tribal areas. Join us in ensuring a healthier learning environment. Your donation brings cleanliness and well-being to schools.


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